Living Utopia (Vivir La Utopia) a film about anarchists in the Spanish Revolution

July 20, 2012, 7 p.m.  at The Wildcat, 1105 23rd Avenue in Seattle

Admission is free.  Donations of cash, books and other library materials are very welcome.

This film is by Juan Gamero, 1997 (Spanish with English subtitles, 96 minutes)

The Spanish Revolution emerged on July 19, 1936.  “…that was the first and only time that the people saw the army off and forced it to surrender.  We saw off the army….  We had managed what no one before us had ever pulled off.”

After decades of organising by Spanish workers and peasants, the revolution saw huge swathes of Spanish industry and agriculture socialised and run collectively by the workers and peasants.  See this excellent and rarely seen film and get to know some of the comrades who made that revolution.

Get a glimpse of one of the participants in the 1930s Los Quixotes anarchist youth group, Federico Arcos:  “I woke up to the factory sirens.  And it was as if the whole of Barcelona was pulsing to a single heartbeat, the sort of thing that only happens maybe once in a century…and, if I may say so, it has left its mark on my life and I can still feel that emotion.”

“It was spontaneous.  We the people found ourselves masters of our fate and flexed our muscles and built upon the hopes of which we had been dreaming for years and years…  and it was a case of the opportunity’s arising, its being grabbed, its being carried through and its finishing.”

Freedom and the universe my deity;

Freedom my motherland;

Reason my flag;

Truth my path;

These are my thoughts…

–El Cabrero